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OTTOMMO Casting is a precision casting foundry in China. We have been dedicated to providing cheap but quality castings for years all over the world.

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Diverse Precision Casting Processes

Ningbo OTTOMMO Casting Co., Ltd. found in 2002. We started as water glass investment casting foundry in China, which is known as Chinese lost wax process. In the meantime, we also poured metal as the sand casting process. In 2009, our foundry was introduced silica sol investment casting process. As we grow, we established the die casting foundry with full in-house CNC machine capabilities as our joint venture. In 2015, we added a line for vacuum casting process in order to handle more requirements in house. We are positioned to provide you diverse China casting solutions with extensive casting engineering, global sales and procurement experience. Ningbo OTTOMMO Casting Co., Ltd. has committed to substantially reduce your costs with high-quality precision casting parts.

Aluminum Casting and Zinc Die Casting auto parts available in our foundry. We are also open to ductile iron, gray iron and steel casting auto parts with CNC machining.

Cast iron pipe, ductile iron pipe and centrifugal casting process available in our foundry. We can also supply you 6 gate valve, 8 gate valve, butterfly valve, cast steel valve and forged valve.

Vacuum casting and die casting process are available in our foundry. We can also offer you turbo compressor wheel casting, turbo housing casting and turbo manifold casting.  

Marine Casting Parts

We manufacture the best marine sand casting parts, marine die casting parts, marine parts lost wax casting and marine precision investment casting parts.

Pump Parts

Centrifugal pump parts, AODD pump parts, stainless steel impeller castings, Pump body casting with all the finishes, heat treatment and machining are available in our foundry.  

Construction Hardware

Water glass and sand casting processes are most commonly used. We are also open to offering you investment casting process with stainless steel and carbon steel.

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Focus on Precision Casting

Focus on Precision Casting

OTTOMMO Casting believes there is always a better way to precisely make castings. We focus on every details of the casting process. Meanwhile, we use scientific method to improve our efficiency little by little. From tree design to post casting process, we have learnt a lot of lessons from our customers. We are very open-minded and we are still learning to pursue the perfection of precision casting.

Unique China Precision Casting Foundry  

We are looking at the bigger picture that we aim to be the unique precision casting foundry in China. Casting is relatively traditional industry. However, OTTOMMO Casting always challenges our self and we keep looking for changes. Casting foundry in China always gives the impression of cheap castings. OTTOMMO Casting is making this impression to cheap but quality castings. Contact us today and Let us be your casting partner in China.

Unique China Precision Casting Foundry

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