Good Aluminum Casting Ideas

OTTOMMO Casting focuses on providing you good aluminum casting ideas in China. Many casting aluminum alloys are available for you to choose. Many casting processes are right here to fulfill your parts.

Diverse Aluminum Casting Processes

Because aluminum material is pretty soft and ductile. This makes tons of casting processes available to this material. OTTOMMO Casting has done a lot of aluminum casting parts. Thus, we have the experience to fulfill your parts with the right casting process. Check out what we have below and let us deliver the parts for you.

Sand Casting process

Aluminum sand casting is a good way to cast the big part with complex geometry. In most cases, it will need more labor than die casting process. It is therefore good for the project with a small volume but big and heavy parts.

Die casting process

Aluminum die casting is very common in China. It is typically good for the parts with a big volume. Permanent casting mold saves a lot of time to make parts. In the meanwhile, die casting part has less porosity than other processes. Besides, mechanical properties of permanent mold castings can be further improved by heat treatment.

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Casting Aluminum Alloys

Alloys 319, 355 356 are available here at OTTOMMO Casting by using sand casting process. Meanwhile, A380, A384, A386 and A390 are most frequently used material here for die casting process. We are also open to other aluminum alloys and processes per your request. Contact us today to get the quote. 

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