Bronze and Brass Casting Foundry

OTTOMMO casting makes copper, bronze and brass casting available to you right here in China. We commit to provide you sand casting, lost wax and die casting process with good quality and low cost. 

Brass Casting Process Options

Sand casting and investment casting are two basic processes for us to make the brass parts for you. Besides, we are also open to die casting, centrifugal casting and forging processes. We deliver the parts and service exactly based on customers’ needs. Provide your design today and we will make it real tomorrow. Contact us to get a quote.

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Copper, Bronze and Brass Casting Alloys

All the copper alloys are good for machining, corrosion resistance and dimensional stability. In most cases, we poured Tin bronze casting, aluminum bronze casting, silicon bronze casting and yellow brass. The grades will be C836, C857, C875 and C954.

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