Automobile Casting Manufacture

OTTOMMO Casting offers you automobile casting mainly for car, truck, forklift with carbon steel, aluminum and iron alloys. We have produced diverse types of auto parts and served many named companies. Therefore, we are confident to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers.

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Automobile Casting Components

The automobile industry has witnessed a dramatic growth over the past couple of years. Majority of auto components manufactured in China. OTTOMMO Casting has been focusing on this industry for years. With extensive engineering and sales experiences, we delivered casting parts with 100% customer satisfaction.

Transmission Components: Shift Forks and Drum Gear Shift

Engine Component: Camshafts and Rocker Arms

Engine cylinder heads and gas engine parts

Stator, Brackets and Other auto parts

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Investment Casting, Sand Casting and Die Casting Auto Parts

Here at OTTOMMO, we use investment casting process to pour iron and carbon steel auto parts. Also, we use sand casting and die casting process to produce aluminum auto parts. Our investment casting product line is mainly for transmission accessories, engine accessories and some other auto parts.

Aluminum Automobile Casting Parts

Aluminum automotive parts have good thermal properties and complex geometries. Besides, an aluminum auto part weighs about 1/3 less than the same part made from steel. Therefore, aluminum die castings and sand castings are used for numerous automobile parts, including wheels, cylinder blocks and heads, pistons, brake cylinders, and suspension arms.

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