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OTTOMMO Casting provides expertise for turbo casting and turbocharger parts. We pour high nickel base alloy in vacuum furnace to make precision turbo parts. Turbo compressor wheel, turbine shaft wheel and turbo housing are our most successful projects.

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Turbocharger products list

OTTOMMO Casting makes most key parts of turbocharger. In addition, we have reached a full capacity of 150,000 sets of turbo wheels per month. Our main products list as below.

Turbo Compressor wheel Radial Turbine

Turbo Housing Casting

Turbine Shaft Wheel

Turbocharger Manifold Casting

Turbine Wheel

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Turbocharger Casting Process

We continue to focus on precision casting process and make cheap but quality parts for our customer. Therefore, we added a special vacuum casting line to product turbocharger parts, especially in turbo wheel. Vacuum casting is different from normal investment casting process. It will improve corrosion and acid resistance even with the most aggressive media. This service is very rare in China while it is expensive in other countries. This is why we are special to you. Simply send us the drawing and we will make you happy.

Turbo Casting Alloy Grades

We make many alloys available to fulfill the turbo parts for you. Our main alloys are high nickel base alloy, super steel, 8620 carbon steel and stainless steel. But our alloys are not limited to these. We are capable to do whatever you request and fill your needs.

Nimonic 80A, 2,4952, Ni-Basis

Nimonic 90, 2.4632, Ni-Basis

INCO 713C, 2.3671, Ni-Basis

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