Carbon Steel Casting Manufacture

OTTOMMO Casting is your trustworthy carbon steel casting manufacture here in China. Our casting foundry makes various carbon steel grades available to you.

Be Your Best Carbon Steel Casting Supplier

OTTOMMO Casting strives to be your best casting parts supplier. Our foundry is capable to make carbon steel alloys out of many casting processes per your request. Specifically, carbon steel sand casting is the most economical way to make the part. However, the surface roughness will not be that good. If you want relatively big part with OK surface finish, Water glass process is your best option. Besides, silica sol investment casting process will be your best choice if you want to get the good finish part. It all depends on your requirements and budget range. Our main products with carbon steel alloys include tractors, trucks, forklifts, excavator, pump, valve, construction machinery, trains, and marine boats.

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Various Carbon Steel Casting Grades Available

Basically, our foundry poured 1000 series carbon steel, 4000 series carbon steel and 8620 carbon steel. The most common carbon steel alloys you can check out as below.  We are also open to pour other types of alloys based on your request.  We will provide you material certificates if it is necessary.

AISI 1000 series carbon steel

1025, 1035 1045 are the most common alloys we poured. This alloy grade is relatively soft among all carbon steel alloys. Most likely, the casting will be bent rather than broken if it is under pressure.

AISI 4000 series carbon steel

4130 4140 4330 4340 are the most common alloys we poured. This alloy has high-level hardness and it is really hard to be bent.

Carbon Steel Casting Heat Treatment

Typically, most carbon steel parts need heat treatment and OTTOMMO offers you this service. Simply let us know the hardness level you prefer and we will make everything easy for you.

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