Pump Valve Casting Foundry

OTTOMMO Casting has poured various pump valve casting and supplied this industry for years. We offer many casting processes to customize valve and pump parts.  Beside, our most successful product lines are centrifugal & AODD Pump, Butterfly & Gate Valve, Impeller and pump body.

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Pump Valve Casting Products

OTTOMMO Casting has solved the most challenging valve and pump projects for our customers. We learnt a lot from casting foundries in the United States to make complex pump parts. Besides, all the finishes, heat treatment and machining are available at OTTOMMO. We make not only raw castings but finished parts. Our main products list below.

6 Gate Valve

8 Gate Valve

Butterfly Valve 

Cast Steel Valve

Piston and Centrifugal Pump Parts

AODD Pump Parts

Impeller Castings 

Pump Body Castings 

Pump Valve Casting List

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Pump Valve Casting Process

There are many casting processes can fulfill the valve and pump parts. OTTOMMO Casting has made valve and pump parts through investment casting, sand casting and die casting process. Our engineering team has worked closely with different valve and pump manufactures all over the world. Therefore, we have extensive experiences on choosing the right process to meet customer satisfaction.

Pump Valve Casting Material

Our foundry provides you wide selection of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. We have made 304, 316 stainless steel pump casting. We have made 319, 355, 356 aluminum pump and valve castings. Moreover, we have made A380 aluminum die casting pump parts. We are also able to pour iron to cast your product. Contact us today and let us deliver quality casting and service to you.

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