Casting Market Served Worldwide

OTTOMMO Casting offers a wide array of castings to various markets worldwide. With our multiple casting processes and diverse casting alloys, we solved most challenging projects for our customers.  

Automobile Casting

OTTOMMO Casting offers you auto parts mainly for car, truck, forklift with carbon steel, aluminum and iron alloys. We have produced diverse types of auto parts and served many named companies. Therefore, we are confident to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Turbo Casting

OTTOMMO Casting provides expertise for turbo casting and turbocharger parts. We pour high nickel base alloy in vacuum furnace to make precision turbo parts. Turbo compressor wheel, turbine shaft wheel and turbo housing are our most successful projects.

Pump and Valve Casting

OTTOMMO Casting has poured various pump and valve casting and supplied this industry for years. We offer many casting processes to customize valve and pump parts.  Besides, our most successful product lines are centrifugal & AODD Pump, Butterfly & Gate Valve, Impeller and pump body.

Other Metal Casting Products

As a metal casting company, OTTOMMO Casting also focuses on railway castings, marine castings, construction hardware and mining machinery castings. We produce a variety of commercial castings for various markets worldwide.

Precision Castings List

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