Casting Alloys

OTTOMMO Casting pours a wide selection of ferrous, non-ferrous and vacuum casting alloys. We are capable to produce different alloys specifications per customers’ request all over the world. We strive to understand our customer’s requirements and deliver high-quality alloy castings.

Casting Alloys List

stainless steel casting

Stainless Steel Foundry

OTTOMMO Casting offers you various 300/400/PH series stainless steel casting parts with investment casting process and sand casting process in China.

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carbon steel casting

Carbon Steel Casting

OTTOMMO Casting is your trustworthy carbon steel casting manufacture here in China. Our foundry makes various carbon steel casting grades available to you.

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aluminum die casting aluminum sand casting

Aluminum Casting

OTTOMMO Casting focus on providing you good aluminum casting ideas. Many aluminum alloys for your to choose. Many casting processes to fulfill your parts.

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Iron Casting Foundry

Iron Casting

OTTOMMO Casting has been dedicated to deliver high-quality iron parts. Our iron casting foundry offers you sand casting and investment casting options.

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Bronze and Brass Casting Foundry

Brass Casting

OTTOMMO casting makes copper, bronze and brass casting available to you. We are capable to provide you sand casting, lost wax and die casting processes.

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Nickel Alloy Casting | Super Alloy Casting | Turbo Wheel

Nickel Alloy Casting

OTTOMMO Casting is your best nickel alloy casting company. Our specialties are super alloy turbo wheel and high nickel based casting by vacuum casting process.

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