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Metal Casting Products

As a metal casting company, OTTOMMO Casting also focuses on railway castings, marine castings, construction hardware and mining machinery castings. We produce a variety of commercial castings for various markets worldwide.

Metal Casting Process

There are many casting processes have developed in the past decades. Selecting right process for your product is very critical nowadays. In general, the most common processes list below.


Investment Casting

Sand Casting

Die Casting

Vaccum Casting

Lost foam Casting

Centrifugal Casting 


CNC Machining

OTTOMMO Casting provides expertise for water glass and silica sol investment casting, Vacuum casting, sand casting, die casting and CNC machining processes. Based on different geometries, surface finish and so on, we have diverse castings solutions for you. We are 100% confident to deliver the cheap but quality metal castings.   


Metal Castings List

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Metal Casting Alloys

We pour a wide selection of ferrous, non-ferrous and vacuum casting alloys. We are capable to produce different alloys specifications per customers’ request all over the world.


300 series stainless steel, 400 series stainless steel and Precipitation Hardening Alloys

1000 series carbon steel, 4000 series carbon steel and 8620 carbon steel

319, 355 356 Sand casting alloys, A380, A384, A386 A390 die casting alloys

Ductile Iron and Grey Iron Casting

Copper, Bronze and Brass Casting Alloys

High Nickel Based Alloy and Superalloy

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