Iron Marine Casting

Iron Marine Casting

Casting Alloy: Our foundry poured ductile iron more often than grey iron. Ductile iron has higher strength and tractility. Therefore, this makes the ductile iron parts widely used in the automobile and pump industry. However, we also got a lot of inquires of grey iron parts. Typically, this comes with a machining request.

Casting process: Water glass investment casting. Investment casting process is also available in our foundry for making iron parts. Most iron foundries in China do not offer this option. A lot of iron parts in the market still need a good surface finish with less porosity. So, OTTOMMO Casting provides you both water glass and silica sol investment casting processes. The differences between these processes are the surface roughness and price..

Casting Tolerance: CT6-CT9

Machining Tolerance:   IT4-IT12

Investment Casting Process

As we started as an investment casting foundry, we know details of this metal-forming technique. Investment casting is also known as lost wax casting. Basically, it refers to make a wax pattern formed with a ceramic. Then, melting the wax makes the ceramic empty. Eventually we get the casting after pouring the metal into the ceramic. OTTOMMO Casting continues to improving our process and utilizing the newest technology available in our industry.

Die Casting Process

Die casting refers to force the molten metal under high pressure into reusable metal dies. Then, we get the raw casting after metal solidifies rapidly. This process is a quick and cost-effective method for high volume geometrically complex parts. In 2010, OTTOMMO Casting established the die casting plant as our joint venture. We aim to provide you high-quality non-ferrous casting parts. Besides, we are capable of full in-house CNC machine, surface treatment and assembly.

Sand Casting Process

As a cost-efficient casting method, sand casting is still popular in China. Basically, it refers to make a sand mold with cavity of casting shape inside. Then, we get the casing after pouring metal into the cavity and metal solidifies. In OTTOMMO sand casting plant, we have both manual and semi-automatic sand casting production lines for castings with various size, weight and geometries. Besides, our sand casting capacity ranges from 3 lbs. to 2500 lbs.

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